Acts and Supplications of Al-Qadr Night

Recommended acts to be performed on the night of Al-Qadr.

Al-Qadr night is not matched in its rewards by any other night. It is from sunset till the break of dawn. It is most likely to be one of the following eves, the nineteenth (19th), the twenty first (21st) or the twenty-third (23rd).

Acts to be performed on these nights are as follows,

1- Performing Ghusl.

2 – Performing two Ruka‘, in every Ruka‘ recite Al-Fatihah Surah, and At-Tawhid Surah seven times. After finishing, recite 70 times: “Astaghfiruallaha waatubuilayhi” (I seek the forgiveness of Allah and I repent before Him). It has been narrated that he who does that, he does not leave his place without Allah actually forgiving him and his parents.

3- Reciting Dua’a At-tawsul bil Quran while placing the Quran on the head.

4- Reciting the Ziyarah of Imam Al-Hussein (a.s.).

5- Remaining awake during Laylatul-Qadr (Qadr night) and spend it in worship, and it is narrated on the virtue of doing so that: “Whoever spends Layatul-Qadr adoring his Lord will have all his sins forgiven even if they had numbered as many as the stars in the heavens, the weight of the mountains, or the measures of the seas”.

6- Performing a hundred Ruka’ prayer.

7- Reciting the supplication: I have passed the evening as a very humble servant of Thee. I have no control over the gains and losses for my person. I cannot remove any evil from myself. I depose against my conscience. I admit my weakness and inability of managing my affairs. Bestow Thy blessings on Mohammad (saw.) and his Family. Whatever Thou hast given me or promised, fulfill that. Verily! I am Thy humble, weak and destitute servant. O, Allah! Let me not forget the blessings that Thou hast bestowed on me, and let me not be forgetful about Thy kindness. Do not deny me Thy acceptance though it may be delayed, may it pertain to sorrow or happiness, and may it be connected with peace and tranquillity or hardship and vicissitudes or pertaining to blessings. Thou hears and accepts invocations in every condition.

8- Reciting Thikr, Istighfar and supplications for the demands of this world and the Hereafter, for one’s own self, parents, family, relatives and fellow believers, and invoking Allah to bestow His blessings upon Muhammad and his household members.

9- Reciting the supplication of Al-Jawshan Al-Kabir, and other supplications mainly:
a- At-Tawba supplication
b- Abu HamzaAth-Thamali supplication
c- Makarem Al-Akhlaq supplication
d- Talab Al-‘Afiyah supplication
e- Al-Bahaa supplication
f- Ya Oudati supplication

10- Reciting Surat Ad-Dokhan, Al Ankaboot, Ar-Rum and Al-Qadr.

11- Seek forgiveness and recite 100 times: I seek the forgiveness of Allah, my Lord, and I repent to Him.
Recite other Duas related to repentance: -Munajat al Taebeen, Dua At-Tawba

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