Al-Mabarat lays foundation stone for college project in Sydney

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Al-Mabarat lays foundation stone for college project in Sydney


Al-Mabarat Benevolent Society has laid the foundation stone for its first college project in the suburb Austral in Sydney on Saturday June 15, under the patronage and attendance of the general manager of Al-Mabarat Association, Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Fadlullah, Imam of Masjid Arrahman, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha and the public relations and sponsorship manager at Al-Mabarat Association, Hajj Jaafar Akeel, marking the start of the construction phase of the project.
The ceremony was held in the presence of Liverpool MP Mr. Paul Lynch, councillors from Liverpool city council, a number of educational and cultural representatives and members of the community.
Hajj Mustapha Hassan presented the ceremony and after welcoming officials and guests, Dr. Saad Ramadan, President of the board of directors of Arrahman College addressed the community outlining the scientific, educational and ethical objectives of the college.

Sheikh Youssef Nabha then addressed the community pointing to the importance of this project in developing the personality of the next generation and noting the significance that Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah gave to building schools in diaspora: “Sacrifice your desires and build schools for your children.”
Sheikh Nabha thanked Liverpool city council and its members for their cooperation and also thanked founders, cadres, supporters and administrative bodies for giving their dedication, time, effort and professionalism to reach this stage of the project.

Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Baqir Fadlullah gave the closing speech where he expressed his happiness in being among the community in Australia amidst fascinating nature, faithful people, values, unique diversity in a country where the rights of people and their interests are respected. Dr. Fadlullah then spoke about the successful mission of Al-Mabarat during the last 41 years where it has reached a turning point in creativity and excellence in Lebanon and at an international level.

Dr. Fadlullah stressed that ever since Al-Mabarat was established its mission was always to serve people with sincerity and responsibility. Dr. Fadlulllah thanked all the people that have worked for the success of Arrahman college project in Australia, wishing them guidance and success from Allah (swt).

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