Masjid Arrahman / Ahlulbayt (Page 2)
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Ahl Al-Bayt

The phrase Ahl Al-Bayt denotes the Prophet’s Muhammad family, household, progeny or infallible. Literally, Ahl Al-Bayt means “the dweller of the house.” According to the Shiite Muslims, Twelvers, Ahl Al-Bayt are infallible who should be respected, loved and obeyed because of the purification verse in the...

Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (Pbuh)

Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (transliterated also in Al-Mehdi)is the twelfthImam for the Shiite Muslims (Twelvers). He was born on 15 Sha‘ban 255 AH (≈29July869) in the city of Samarra. His father is ImamAl-Hasan ben Ali ben Muhammad(Imam Al-Hasan Al-Askari) and his mother isNarjis (who was originally...

Imam Ali Ar-Rida (Pbuh)

Imam Ali Ar-Rida (transliterated also into Imam Ali Ar-Ridah; Imam Al-Ridah; Imam Al-Rida) is the eighthImam for Shiite Muslims. He was born on 11 Zulqi‘dah 148AH (≈29December765) in the holy city of Medina. His father is Imam Musa ben J‘afar (Imam Musa Al-Kazim) and his...