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Hajj is the blossom of hearts

His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons on the 25th August 2017 (3rd Dhul Hijjah 1438)  from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney amongst a mass of believers.


In the first (religious) sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed the believers about Hajj. Sheikh Nabha said “Hajj has a spiritualistic meaning which it is basically comforting one’s heart. Whoever performed the duty of Hajj of you, s/he will leave after finishing that duty with a feeling of sadness and tears in his/her eyes, willing to go back to that blessed land […].Thus, Hajj enables the believer to have a beautiful feeling, such as comfort, peace and tranquillity. However, this feeling needs conditions and basis. This means that the believer performs Hajj knowing the right and the holiness of this Islamic duty”.

He also said that one of the most important aspects of Hajj is that it creates a bond  between Muslims demonstrating the image that Allah wanted when He made them brothers, and which the Prophet pointed at when he said, “The relationship of the believer with another believer is like the bricks of a building, each strengthens the other”.

Sheikh Nabha also announced that Friday 1st September 2017 is Eid Al-Adha.


The following is the text of the second (political) sermon:


The series of ranks and salaries in Lebanon have been approved after years of procrastination and postponement. The employees hope that this rank will improve their life standards in light of the high prices and financial pressures that are burdening the citizens, particularly these days where parents receive the increase of school fees with fear and caution, and the needs of their children from books and school concur with the preparations for the winter season from food and fuel.

The government is responsible for monitoring prices, mainly the expensive consumer goods that the greedy traders are exploiting through increasing in salaries in order to gain further profits.

As the government has held its responsibility to provide a just series of ranks and salaries, it should also bear responsibility to support the Lebanese Army in its war against Daesh, in which the army proved its strength, steadfastness and courage, as well as the Resistance that supporting it in the Syrian part of border with the Syrian Arab Army.

The victory over Daesh is a victory for all popular and partisan parties and the public officials in Lebanon and Syria, hoping that a crucial victory will be achieved in the entire territories of Syria and Iraq, which the current work is to clean these territories from terrorists.

In Australia, we appreciate the massive efforts of the security forces to combat extremists who are working to terrorize people, pointing in this regard to the recent attack- the burning of Imam Ali Centre in the city of Melbourne. In this vein, we do not consider any religion or a sect responsible for the crime committed by some extremists because we believe that crime has no identity, and that “no bearer of burdens will bear the burden of another”.

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