Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein (Pbuh)

Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein(transliterated also into Imam Ali ben Hussein, Imam Ali ben Husein, Imam Ali ben Husayn, Imam Ali ben Husain, Imam Ali ben Al-Husein, Imam Ali ben Al-Husayn and Imam Ali ben Al-Husain) is the fourth Imam for Shiite Muslims. He was born on 5 Sha‘ban 38 AH (≈6January 659) in the holy city of Medina. His father is Imam Al-Hussein and his mother is Shahrbanu (called also Shahzanan) who was a Persian princess, the daughter of Yazdegerd, the last Sassanid Emperor.His teknonymic (Kunya)is Abo Muhammad and his titles are Zain Al-Abideen (the adornment of the worshippers) and Imam As-Sajjad (the Prostrating Imam).

Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein witnessed the death the tragedy of Karbala when his father, Imam Al-Hussein, his uncles, his brothers, cousins and companions killed by Yazid’s army. However, he was extremely ill and thus he was not killed because he could not participate in the battle. He was captured by Yazid’s army, with his aunt Lady Zainab and other women and children, and taken to Yazid in Damascus.

Similar to his fathers and uncles, Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein was a model of morale and wisdom. He presented eternal charters regarding several human rights in the light of Islam (known by Treatise on Rights). After Karbala and his release from captivity, Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein focuses on delivering the holy teachings in the city of Medina to build a successful Islamic society.

Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein passed away on 25 Muharram 95 AH (≈20October713) and he was buried in Medina at Al-Baqi‘ cemetery alongside the grave of his uncle Imam Al-Hasan.

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