Imam J‘afarAs-Sadiq(Pbuh)

Imam J‘afar As-Sadiq is the sixth Imam for Shiite Muslims. He was born on 17 Rabi‘ Al-Awaal80 AH (≈23May 699) in the holy city of Medina. His father is Imam Muhammad ben Ali (Imam Al-Baqir) and his mother is Umm Farwah, the daughter of Al-Qasim ben Muhammad ben Abi-Bakr. His teknonymic (Kunya)is AboAbdullah and his title is As-Sadiq(the truthful).

The age of Imam J‘afar As-Sadiq witnessed political upheavals against the then Umayyad government. However, Imam J‘afar As-Sadiq focused on achieving a scientific revolution. Similar to his father and grandfather regarding the amelioration of self-personality and playing a positive role in the community, Imam J‘afar As-Sadiq followed the path of piety and worked to propagate knowledge, morale and wisdom to establish an Islamic society intertwine between virtue and science. As a result of his reputation in the then Muslim world, Imam J‘afar As-Sadiqenticed thousands of Muslims who attended his classes in order to grasp knowledge. Notably, two of his students were Abu Hanifa Al-Nu‘man and Malik ibnAnas.

Imam J‘afar As-Sadiq passed away on 25Shawaal148 AH (≈14December765) and he was buried in the city of Medina at Al-Baqi‘ cemetery alongside the grave of his father Imam Muhammad ben Ali (Al-Baqir).

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