Lady Fatima Az-Zahra’ (Pbuh)

Lady Fatima Az-Zahra’ (PBUH) is the daughter of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him and His Family) and her mother is Lady Khadija bint Khuwaylid. She was born in the holy city of Mecca on 20 Jumada Ath-Athani 18 BH (≈27 July 604). Herteknonymics (Kunya)are Umm Al-Hasan, Umm Al-Hasanyn and Umm Abiha (the mother of her father as described by her dad the Prophet), and her title is Az-Zahra’.

Since her early childhood, Lady Fatima believed in the prophecy of her father and supported him while he was facing insults from members of the Quraysh (the then influential tribe in Mecca). During her short life, Az-Zahra’ presented a real model of the woman who follows the path of faith in all her movements and actions. She married to her father’s cousin, Imam Ali ben Abi-Talib on 1 Zulhijja 2 AH (≈25 May 624), and they had four children: Imam Al-Hasan, Imam Al-Hussein, Lady Zeinab, and Lady Umm Kulthum.

After the pass away of her father, Lady Fatima Az-Zahra’ supported her husband and his divine right to be the successor Imam as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) indicated before his death.

Lady Fatima Az-Zahra’ passed away on 3 Jumada Ath-Athani 11 AH(≈26 August 632) after nearly a three month of the death of father Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).It has been buried in secret in the holy city of Medina, according to her will before she died.

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