Lady Zainab (Pbuh)

Lady Zainab (PBUH), which can also be transliterated into Zeinab, is the daughter of Imam Ali ben Abi-Talib (PBUH) and her mother is Lady Fatima (PBUH), Prophet’s Muhammad daughter (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family). She was born in the holy city of Medina on 5 Jumada Al-Awal5AH (≈2 October 626). Herteknonymic (Kunya)is Umm Hashem (transliterated also into Hashim) and some of her titles are Al-‘Aqila (the wise woman) and Al-Hawra’.

Since her early childhood, Lady Zainab lived in a house full of love and faith.She was attached to her family and she was very close to her mother. Thus, the Islamic values were entrenched in her mind and soul. After the death of her grandfather Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family) and the death of her mother Lady Fatima (PBUH), LadyZainab, which was six-year-old, took full responsibility of her father’s house and took care of her brothers Imam Al-Hasan and Imam Al-Hussein and her sister Umm Kulthum (Peace Be Upon Them).

Similar to her mother, Lady Zainabpresented a real model of the woman who follows the path of faith in all her movements and actions. She married to her father’s cousin, Abdullah ben J‘afar ben Abi-Talib. When her brother Imam Al-Hussein (PBUH) left the city of Medina to Iraq, Lady Zainab accompanied him and witnessed the battle of Karbala where her brothers, sons, relatives and companions were killed by Yazid’s army. Although what happened was shocking, Lady Zainab was strong and tough because she faced that army by her faith, and hence she protected her nephew Imam Ali ben Al-Hussein (PBUH), the women and the orphans by her wisdom. Thus, when she was captured alongside all the women and children and taken to Yazid in Damascus. She contended Yazid and told the people the story of Karbala, even after she was released from captivity.

Lady Zainab passed away on 15 Rajab 62 AH (≈30March 682). However, there are three opinions where Lady Zainab was buried: the city of Damascus, the city of Cairo and the city of Medina. Notably, there is a shrine over Lady Zainab’s grave in Damascus and there is a shrine over Lady Zainab’s grave in Cairo. All of Lady Zainab’s lovers and the lovers of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family) and his households visit these shrines to express their sympathy, empathy and love.   

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