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One Nation leader uses the Burqa to entice political gains

His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons on the 18th August 2017 (25 Dhul Qa’dah 1438)  from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney amongst a mass of believers.


In the first (religious) sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed the believers about the necessity of seeking advice and consultation in our day relation.  Sheikh Nabha said “It has been narrated that Imam Ali (Peace Be Upon Him) answered a question from one of his companions, who should we consult?, saying: “the best people you can consult are those who have extensive experiences”.  Sheikh Nabha also said that if a person holds experience in a certain field he should offer his/her advice to the person seeking advice regardless of their religious or cultural background. 


Sheikh Nabha ended by saying that “the man who considers himself he is always right, he is a conceited person whoever he was. You may make an error, and I may make an error. It might be your opinion is right, and it might be my opinion is right. That is why the man should consult, and if he seeks guidance through consulting different persons and hence he made his decision, he has to accept the consequences resulted from that decision whether it is success of failure.” 


The following is the text of the second (political) sermon:

The Lebanese political sphere has witnessed a political dispute over the visit of a number of ministers to Syria where some consider this visit a personal one and others consider it an official one. This dispute is due to a known reason, which it is related to boycotting Syria. Those who boycott Syria consider the ministers’ visit personal and those who do not boycott Syria consider the ministers’ visit official.

This controversial issue may paralyze the Lebanese Cabinet and disrupt it if it is not handled wisely. Lebanon needs Syria, and hence it needs to coordinate with Syria in the security and economic files and the return of the displaced Syrians.


In Australia, Senator Pauline Hanson made a provocative and disgracing move by ridiculing the Burqa‘ in the Senate and the Upper House which represents the entire Australian people with all their races, ethnicities and diversity. However, Hanson turned the Senate into a comedy and use it to attack Muslims on the pretext of banning the Burqa‘ in Australia.

We appreciate the response of Attorney General George Brandis, who warned Hanson of continuing this cynical approach that harms more than half a million Muslims in Australia. Notably, a very small percentage of Muslim women who wear the Burqa‘, which is not an obligation and a religious duty, according to the majority of Muslims. This confirms that Hanson uses the Burqa‘ to soar the attacks on Muslims in Australia and to entice political gains through it.


In this regard, we join our voices to all the voices calling for the protection of freedom in the belief, the expression and the dress guaranteed by the democratic system and denouncing the discourse of hatred, cynicism and aggression that leads to disharmony, strife and disorder among the citizens.


We assert that the Hijab in all its kinds and types is a matter that relates to the freedom of individual and personal practice, and hence no one has the right to oppose and forbid wearing it. In this vein, all Muslims must unite in order to urge the politicians to stop this form of farce represented by the advocates of Islamophobia who do not have a unified national discourse even if the name of their party is “one nation”.



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