Introducing Islam

What is Allah?

Muslims worship Allah because Islam is a monotheist religion. Allah is an Arab term and it is in English as it is spelt in Arabic, instead of the term, ‘God/god’ because, in Arabic, Allah is always singular due to His ninety-nine attributes in Islamic creed. Even in English, the term, Allah, is always singular. However,God/god’ (ilāh in Arabic) can be plural (alīha) and may signify a worshipped person(s), or an object(s).

Muslims believe and love Allah because He created them and the entire world. Hence, Allah is the source of wellbeing and blesses. Thus, Muslims seek the refuge with Allah from evils and the Satan.

Allah loves his truthful worshippers.  In this vein, loving Allah and following His orders represented by doing the good deeds and refraining from doing the bad things are the shortest way to express our thanks to this Almighty Lord and to receive His blesses.

It is significant for every Muslim to examine his/her relation with Allah every day and to think about the consequence of his/her action before doing it to find if Allah accepts it or not because the result will be a reward or a punishment in the Hereafter.

Drawing on these points, every Muslim should maintain his/her relation with Allah, hence the truthful love of Allah is the key to the Paradise.


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