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Sheikh Youssef Nabha: Australia Census results confirms Australia’s mosaic diversity

On Friday 30th June 2017, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney among a mass of believers.  In the religious sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed believers on the virtue of Forgiveness, explaining that it gives the believer a second chance to return to the right path that he or she had deviated from. Sheikh Nabha said “Allah (swt) loves to hear from us while we supplicate to him and call upon him in our secret and admit our sins that we have committed here and there so forgive us O Most Compassionate the Most Merciful”. Sheikh Nabha further explained that Allah does would not expose our secrets and would not reveal our weak points, but Allah forgives and conceals his servant’s sins.


In the second sermon, Sheikh Nabha discussed the recent developments in Iraq and the latest Australian census results. The following is the text of his speech:

The last week witnessed threats by the United States of America to launch a new assault on Syria if the Syrian Army uses the chemical weapon against the opposition. These threats mean that the United States prepares for a new assault under an untrue and unjustified pretext, and point out that the United States wants to involve directly in the war against the Syrian regime and its military forces after the terrorist factions failed to achieve their objectives in Syria, and hence defeated and retreated from the Iraqi territories.

In this regard, we are greeting the blessed efforts and heroic operations of the Iraqi army, the People’s Mobilisation Forces, and the free citizens of Iraq who obliged the terrorist organisation Daesh (ISIS) to withdraw from the city of Mosul and the majority of Iraq’s territories, and as a result the efforts succeeded to achieve clear liberation and victory to save Iraq, its people and sacred sites.

In Lebanon, the new passed electoral law will lead to a change in the political sphere because new alliances will be formed for the sake of success in the Parliamentary election. In this vein, we hope that the voters elect a new and diverse Parliament working to build the system of rule of law for the sake of all Lebanese people.

In Australia, the media outlets unveiled the results of the last census of 2016 which pointed that the number of Australians in 23.5 million. The results, according to the media reports, reveal that Australia starts turning into an old age and a non-religious country, albeit the diversity of races inside the society, because the third of Australians declared that they do not believe in any religion. Notwithstanding, a census conducted 50 years ago revealed that the majority of Australians believe in Christianity.

The last census of 2016 also revealed that Islam is the second religion after Christianity, and Arabic is the third language after English and Mandarin (Chinese).

This census confirms the significance of working on the positive integration which embraces all the religions, races and languages, without any sort of extremism, racism, discrimination and terrorism, because the significance of Australia is embedded in its mosaic diversity that provides beauty and glamour to the Australian civilised society which the half of its citizens born overseas and they engaged with the second half to build a secure and prosperous country based on freedom and democracy.

Viva Australia in all its religions, citizens, races and languages…

Viva the Indigenous – Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander – people for their hospitality, generosity and noble descent…

Viva Australia a country of mateship, harmony and peace….

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