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Sheikh Youssef Nabha condemns the Manchester attacks

On Friday 26th May 2017, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney. In the first sermon, Sheikh Youssef announced that the first day of Ramadan will commence on Saturday 27th May 2017 according to the jurisprudential opinion of the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadhlulllah.  Sheikh Nabha explained that this month is meant to create a spiritual, cultural, and educational program that extends into the whole year.


In the second sermon, Sheikh Nabha delivered the following:


The Arab-US summit held in Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh as requested by its King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud who summoned Arab and Muslim Presidents who received or will receive Saudi donations which weaken those persons who sold their hereafter for their materialistic life or for the materialistic life of someone else.

The Saudi officials mobilized all their efforts and their money to grant the US President Donald Trump billions of dollars in order to face the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic Resistance’s movements and the axis of refusal in the Middle East, and as a result they turned their enmity from Israel to Iran, and hence Israel has become their good friend as Trump hinted when he met the Israeli officials, tranquilizing them that he heard in that summit encouraging words said by the Arab leaders towards Israel.

The Saudi officials aimed from this summit to buy their security, their power and the safety of their monarchy with billions of dollars which they presented to the American President, and they also aimed to show that they are ready for a deal not in the favor and interest of Palestine, its people and its sacred sites.

This summit has no impact on Iran which its citizens, who re-elected President Sheikh Hassan Rouhani, support the Islamic government of their country through the wide participation in the election.

In addition, this summit has no impact on the axis of Resistance and mainly the Resistance in Lebanon which celebrates these days the 17th anniversary of the Liberation and Victory day – a day to remember the achievement of the Lebanese people who through their Army and their hero Resistance faced the Israeli occupation and obliged its forces to withdraw on 25 May 2000.

In Bahrain, we join voices that condemn the raid on the house of Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim who is considered the safety valve of the Bahraini peaceful movement and the symbol of this movement which calls for reform, human rights and freedom of speech.

The Bahraini regime is responsible for the safety and security of Sheikh Qassim, and it is also responsible for the bloodshed resulted from the barbaric attack on Darraz and on the rest of the Bahraini towns and cities.

In the United Kingdom – and as we always condemn such and similar heinous and brutal terrorist attacks – we condemn the terrorist and criminal attack against the civilians in the city of Manchester. This attack expresses the bloody identity of the attacker, and hence Islam and Muslims are not responsible because Islam and Muslims are innocent from criminality, bloodshed and terrorizing innocent lives. In this context, we call the political leaders and the media in the West to highlight the shiny civilized image of Islam in its mercy, compassion and justice, and also to highlight the good values and fruitful participation of Muslims who work to build the communities where they migrated to, because they have become a core part of its society. In addition, we call the political leaders and the media in the West to stress on multiculturalism and the respect of the Other instead of focusing on attacking Islam and Muslims and propagating fear within the citizens.  Because, these acts will destabilize the social order and plant the seeds of disunity, disagreement and hatred among the communities that form the nation.

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