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Sheikh Youssef Nabha condemns the recent terror attacks

On Friday 9th June 2017, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney among a mass of believers. In the first sermon, Sheikh Nabha recalled the life of Imam Al-Hasan (a.s),  as we celebrate the Imam’s birth anniversary on the 15th of the month of Ramadan, emphasizing on the Imam’s success in shouldering the responsibility of  the Imamate during his time and recalling on his will to that he used to preach to his companions with fearing Allah with all matters of life and seeking knowledge.


In the second sermon, Sheikh Nabha touched upon the recent developments happening in Australia and the world. The following is the sermon:


The last week witnessed a number of security events in Iran, the United Kingdom and Australia. These events have the same title which it is terrorism and criminality.

Terrorism hit Tehran, claiming a number of innocent victims after launching attacks on the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the shrine of Imam Khomeini (ra). These terrorist operations have regional and international intelligence fingerprints which work hard to undermine the stability and security of the Islamic Republic of Iran due to its effort and support to Iraq and Syria in combating terrorism, and due to its support to the Islamic movements that resist the Israeli occupation in Lebanon and Palestine.

The interests of the oppressors and the terrorists have been intersected in these coward terrorist attacks which they will not refrain Iran from bearing its responsibilities and from continuing its path strongly and steadily.

In this context, we condemn the criminal terrorist attacks on London Bridge in the capital of the United Kingdom and on the Australian city of Melbourne which both attacks led to a number of victims among the innocent civilians targeted by those criminal murderers who have backward and polluted mindsets, and hence they do not know the noble meaning of Islam in its mercy, justice and compassionate. Those criminals represent themselves only, and as a result, Islam is innocent of them, and consequently, Muslims in the West are neither responsible nor liable of these criminal attacks. In this vein, the politicians in the West should bear the responsibility of maintaining the reputation of good Muslims, who are enjoying the privilege of their citizenship in a civilized and peaceful way, instead of playing on the emotions of the people and inciting them against Islam and Muslims, and hence this act has a negative impact on the social unity, justice and the freedoms.

Terrorism has become a danger and a burden on the societies in the whole world, and hence it is significant for all to cooperate in order to combat this odd phenomenon that contradicts the right teachings of the religion. There is no secret that the countries which grow and embrace the danger terrorist ideology for exportationto the whole world are allying with the super power countries that believe in democracy and human rights. It seems that terrorism has become a pretext of these super power countries to grasp further money through signing trade and economic deals with these countries that support terrorism and considered their origin. The question is: Are these countries really combating terrorism seriously? Or, are these countries using terrorism to achieve political and financial agendas?

In this context, we understand the dispute between Qatar and number of Arab countries in the Gulf, hoping that the endof the crisis without dragging the region into a new war has dangerous consequences.

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