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Sheikh Youssef Nabha: Imam Ali (a.s) dedicated his life to Islam.

On Friday 16th June 2017, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney among a mass of believers. In the first sermon, Sheikh Nabha recalled the life of Imam Ali (a.s),  as we commemorate the Imam’s martyrdom anniversary on the 21st of Ramadan, emphasizing his knowledge, courage and justice that he directed towards Islam.  Sheikh Nabha also quoted Imam Ali’s will to his sons Imam Hassan and Imam Al Hussein (a.s) after he was struck with the sword of Ibn Muljam, he said,”My advice to you is to be conscious of Allah and steadfast in your religion… remove your differences, and strengthen your ties. I heard your grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (p.), say: “Reconciliation of your differences is more worthy than all prayers and all fasting.”

Sheikh Nabha further emphasized Imam Ali’s dedication and courage enabled him to preserve Islam, for he wanted to raise the people to the level that draws them closer to Allah, so that they will unify and obey Him.

In the second sermon, Sheikh Nabha touched upon the recent developments happening in Australia and the world. The following is the sermon:

The Iraqi and the Syrian territories still a theatre of the military operations conducted by the two heroic armies and the people’s forces to combat the Takfiri terrorism which started diminishing gradually, hoping to be eradicated from the whole Middle East.

These successes forced the Australian authorities to mobilise its efforts to face the terrorists who will come to the country after they participated in the ongoing wars in Iraq and Syria. Thus, they intend to build a new ‘mini-max’ jail within Goulburn’s SuperMax prison in order to isolate the terrorists who represent a threat on the Australians because they hold aggressive personalities after they involved in bloody actions overseas.

As we request isolating the terrorists and limit their movements on the Australian territories, we, at the same time, request from the Australian politicians to refrain from isolating the all Muslims and considering them as criminal and terrorist suspects because no bearer of burdens shall be made to bear another’s burden and because Muslims were hurt by the behaviour and actions of those criminal terrorists more than non-Muslims. Those criminal terrorists distorted the pure image of Islam and defamed the reputation of Muslims through their bad behaviours.

In Lebanon, the politicians and the major parties agree on a proportional electoral law instead of the majoritarian one. Although the comments were made on it, the passed electoral law is considered a step towards establishing a rule of law country respects the voice of its citizens and works on the circulation of power, and hence changing the representatives. Thus, the Lebanese people should bear their responsibilities in the process of voting, selection and accountability because the problem in Lebanon is not only in the law. It is also in the mentality of people that addicted on subordinating the politician and on sanctity of the leader.


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