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Sheikh Youssef Nabha: We are required to engage in dialogue and not become Fanatics.

His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons on 7th July, 2017 (13 Shawaal 1438)  from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney among a mass of believers.

 In the first (religious) sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed the believers on the requirement of initiating dialogue when we differ in opinion with other people and to beware of becoming fanatics.  Sheikh Nabha explained  that Islam considered the fanatic person to be far from belonging to the religion and quoted the narration from Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) when He said “he who has become a fanatic person or  has zealots, he has lost his faith (to become disbeliever)”, and in another version of this narration, “he lost his Islamic faith”.  Sheikh Nabha warned the believers that being closed minded about your opinion could lead to a conflict such as family conflicts between the husband and wife or between the parents and the children.  He further advised the believers to engage in dialogue and said that it is the mean of solving our problems while it also educates us to respect other opinions even if we do not totally agree with them. Sheikh Nabha further said that we must deal with our differences on the basis of  Islam, meaning that we must seek for the truth with dialogue. 

Sheikh Nabha also recalled the life of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein and expressed that Sayyed Fadlullah (r.a) released religion for cells of Fanatacism and Sectarianism and was an exemplary in preserving Islamic unity. He said that in order to preserve our loyalty to the Sayyed’s path we must release our minds from exaggeration, myth and extremism.


 In the second (political) sermon, Sheikh Nabha touched upon the recent developments in the Arab region. The following is the text of his speech:


The Arab countries are still divided and they are creative in seeking every mean to cut their bilateral relations and harming each other. Thus, they did not only expel Syria from the Arab League, but they also wove conspiracies against Libya and Iraq, enticing terrorism to the region and supporting it to achieve their agendas that dictated by the global oppressors, istikbar, and its leader Trump who visited Saudi Arabia to plant the seeds of division and enmity between brothers and Arab countries, gleaning their money to enhance the economy of his country and leaving Arab countries compete to buy the weapons from his country because he filled their hearts with hatred against each other to become enemies.

The Arabs have achieved their dignity when they follow the path of Islam as a message and a code of practice, and thus Allah grants them the dignity because power and honour belong to Allah, and they lost their dignity when they considered the United States of America their ally in order to back and secure their thrones and kingdoms. As a result, they sold Palestine and relinquished its just cause as a temptation to receive the American support and as a fear of losing that support, and thus they followed the Satan and its path, and adopted hostility against Iran and all the Palestinian resistance movements in the region. Drawing on these actions, the Arabs will be defeated, if it is Allah’s will, and Victory is from Allah, the Wise, the Exalted.

Regarding Lebanon, the Interior Minister declared that the country needs a revolution if jubilant’s fire ammunitions to celebrate the success of students in the official exams of year 12 tomorrow. Although firing ammunitions is harmful and leads to casualties among Lebanese civilians, we think that the entire Lebanese circumstances needs a revolution to change the political, social and economical status quo to form a new system because Lebanon is governed by a consensual policy in all the offices, and as a result, for example, those who fired ammunitions and caught by police released by judges. This policy governs all the Lebanese system and its political life, and thus the law and order are not applied on all the citizens. It is a system of favourism and tribesthat supports and secures those who are under its umbrella and brings into justice those who do not have a back or a support.


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