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It is the holy Book of Islam sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) through His angel Jibril. Quran (transliterates also into Qur’an, Koran and Coran), which means literally ‘recitation’, the Quran includes 114 Surah (each Surah has a number of verses) and it has been sent to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) within the last 23 years of his life.Quran is called sometimes, in Arabic,mashaf which denotes literally ‘a written book.’

As Allah pledges in this holy Book, Quran has been saved from alteration and distortion. This Book includes divine teachings and a road map for Muslims to behave in the light of Islam.

The significance of reciting Quran or hearing the recitation does not aim only the grasp of blessings from Allah, but also a call for thinking in the meaning of the verses in order to obtain further understanding and hence to know further aspects in this life.


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