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You cannot but love Imam Ali (a.s)

His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons on the 8th September 2017 (17th Dhul Hijjah 1438)  from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney amongst a mass of believers.


In the first (religious) sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed the believers about the occasion of Eid Al-Ghadeer. Sheikh Nabha began by saying that Eid Al-Ghadeer was the day when Allah (swt) ordered his Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), to appoint Imam Ali (a.s) as his successor. Sheikh Nabha said that Imam Ali was the only one among Muslims and companions who fulfilled the requirements of a leader after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) passed away. Sheikh Nabha added that Imam Ali (a.s) held the responsibility of  Islam outside the caliphate, just as if he were a caliph. He gave those who came before him and denied him his right all assistance and advice for he wanted them to stay on the course of the straight path.Sheikh Nabha pointed that our Sunni brothers describe Imam Ali saying “May Allah Honour His Face” and we say “Peace Be Upon Him) in general. He explained that “May Allah Honour His face”, implies a high level of privilege. These words are similar to “Peace Be Upon Him” because they denote that Imam Ali ben Abi-Talib is blessed by Allah Who honoured him because he did not prostrate to an idol while all the rest prostrate to idols before Islam.

Sheikh Nabha ended by saying that “You cannot but love him Imam Ali (a.s) because he represents all the love in this world, and whoever puts himself as his enemy he ought to revise his Islam, his faith and his love of Allah (swt)”.

The following is the text of the second (political) sermon:

Muslims in Burma (Rohingya minority) suffer from mass massacres and genocides. Their houses are burnt, and thousands of them fled their villages as a result of an ethnic and religious cleansing process that reflects the brutality of the attackers and their supporters from the Burmese army and the political authorities. What is bizarre – unfortunately – that the Burmese State Counsellor (Prime Minister)Aung San Suu Kyi received the Nobel Peace Prize that stipulates respecting of human rights and freedom of expression and belonging.

These massacres take place on a daily basis without any responding from the free world, the United Nations and the human rights organisations because the people of Rohingya do not represent any interest to these oppressors (Istikbar) – organisations and countries.

Unfortunately, the opinions of the Muslim countries neglected their just cause and thus they refrained from supporting them because they are preoccupied with the brotherly-bilateral wars which torn apart the Muslim countries, their unity, their security and their economy.

Therefore, the Burmese Muslims (Rohingya) should not wait for honourable position from the Muslim countries. How these countries take a respectful position and they sold previously Palestine to the Israelis who violate the purity of the holy places, destroying homes and killing and imprisoning adults and kids, men and women. Thus, we are not surprised by the Israeli support for the Burmese army and criminal gangs in Burma due to the similarities of racism and criminality between them.

In this vein, we understand the aggressive attack on the Resistance in Lebanon and the Axis of Resistance in Syria, Iraq, Iran and Yemen, where these countries are working grasp the means of power, strength to be ready and prepared to confront the Takfari-Oppressors assault.


We greet all courageous and heroic positions that led to the liberation of Lebanon, Syria and Iraq from the terrorists who are the arms of the oppressors (Istikbar) in the region. We also join all the voices that call for the prosecution of politicians and conspirators against their people and positions of power.

In Australia, council elections take place tomorrow. In this regard, we call for participation and voting for candidates who work for the service of their voters and suburbs with perseverance, attention and honesty without any sort of involvement in corruption and violation of law and public order.

We also call on all Muslims, who are keen on protecting their families, their children and the future of their presence in Australia, to vote against (what so called) same-sex marriage in the postal vote process that will commence in the coming weeks. We have a religious, moral and humanitarian responsibility to vote in order to prevent that type of marriage, which is not similar to the legitimate, natural and instinct marriage between a man and a woman. That proposed type of (same sex) marriage will not produce a human who will be Allah’s successor on earth; however, it is a relationship that is destructive to the future of humanity and life on earth.


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