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A joint statement by spiritual leaders in Sydney concerning the current situation in Lebanon, the investigation case related to Senator Moselmane and the fallouts of Coronavirus



13 July 2020


A joint statement by Christian and Muslim Spiritual Leaders concerning the current situation in Lebanon, the investigation case related to Senator Shaoquett Moselmane, and the fallouts of the Coronavirus pandemic in Australia and all over the world.

Christian and Muslim spiritual leaders, including H.E. Bishop Antoine-Charbel Tarabay, Maronite Eparch of the Diocese of St. Maron of Sydney; H.E. Bishop Robert Rabbat, Melkite Greek Catholic Eparch of the Diocese of St. Michael the Archangel of Australia and New Zealand, H.E. Sheikh Yahya Safi, Imam of Imam Ali Mosque in Sydney, and H.E. Sheikh Youssef Nabha, Imam of Masjid Arrahman in Sydney, met on Wednesday 8th July 2020 at Masjid Arrahman in Sydney and discussed the deteriorating living conditions and economic situation in Lebanon, the investigation case related to Senator  Shaoquett Moselmane, and the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic locally, on the Australian soil, and globally.

The following points were highlighted following the meeting:  

  1. The current living conditions and economic crisis in Lebanon are rooted in flawed public policies implemented over the past three decades. These bad policies have led to the swelling of the national debt, the looting of public money and the spread of corruption at all governmental levels. They have also exhausted the Lebanese population robbing them of their basic human rights and the chance of leading a dignified life.
  2. The participants appealed to the Australian society-at-large, especially to those of Lebanese descent, to stand by their friends, relatives and the citizens in Lebanon in light of this acute crisis and difficult circumstances through prayers and supplications to God first, and through the provision of financial, food, medical and agricultural support and other necessary needs.
  3. The participants encouraged coordination and cooperation between all people of good will and churches, mosques, religious and cultural centres as well as charitable organizations that are concerned with delivering financial and in-kind assistance to their beneficiaries in Lebanon.
  4. The participants stressed the importance of collective efforts amongst all interested parties in this difficult stage, as it reflects the Australian culture of mateship and strengthens the unity among all communities enduring various challenges on the Australian and Lebanese levels and achieving common interests.
  5. The participants decided to launch a humanitarian initiative through a joint communal action aimed at shipping in-kind assistance to the needy in Lebanon.
  6. The participants discussed the current investigation case related to Senator Shaoquett Moselmane, reiterating their firm belief in Australia being the country of freedom, multiculturalism and diversity that offers every citizen the right to express his or her opinion and practise his or her belief while maintaining public order and showing respect for the judiciary and state institutions.
  7. The participants praised the impartial Australian judicial system and expressed their confidence in its legal process in order to reach the truth in this case. The participants recognized Senator Shaoquett Moselmane’s long career in public service and his championing of just causes locally and overseas.
  8. The participants called on all politicians and media outlets to show an overall national responsibility intended to cultivate goodness and promote harmony and mateship amongst all Australians.
  9. The participants expressed their deep appreciation for the relentless efforts of both the Federal and respective States’ Governments in managing well the nation, as well as to those in the medical field for their heroic roles throughout the on-going Coronavirus pandemic, invoking God Almighty to bless them all and imploring Him to comfort the bereaved, heal the sick, and wipe away this dreadful virus from the face of the earth.            



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