Allah (swt) wants us to plant the value of charity in our lives; the value that makes man feel his responsibilities towards others, by finding out what their needs and dreams are and trying to address and accomplish them without expecting anything in return or having a personal goal in mind, such as driving people to talk about his good and acts of giving.

The ultimate objective is to make people rejoice and attend to their needs and realize their dreams, being more like the sun that shines over all people and the spring that flows to all the lands and the rain that revives any place it falls at, so that man would feel that a part of him belongs to the other, for he does not own himself entirely.


Ways to Give

Online Giving

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Visiting the Masjid

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“For those who do good in this world is good, and certainly the abode of the    hereafter is better; certainly most excellent is the abode of those who guard (against evil).”

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