Recommended acts of worship acts for the Nights of Qadr

Al-Qadr night is one of the nights that man cannot fully and truly realize the size of its magnificence and sanctity, considering that the virtues of this one night outreach those of a thousand month. In this night, the sky opens up and the angels and spirit, who are assigned with the missions Allah has delegated them with in any matter pertaining to life and man, in the sustenance, life terms and conditions that Allah has bestowed upon man, descend. Actually, it is the night of peace that fills the universe with Allah’s kindnesses and abundant blessings on His servants that persist until the break of dawn.

1. Ghusl, preferably close to the time of sunset so that maghrib prayers can be performed in a state of purity.

2. Salat, two Rakat in every Rakat recite Surat-al-Hamd, and Surat al Ikhlaas seven times. After finishing the
prayer recite 70 times:”Astagfirullaah Rabbi Wa atoobu elaihi ” i.e., “I seek pardon from God and ask for penitence
from Him”.It is said from the Prophet (pbuh) that by the time the reciter rises from his place Allah (swt) will have forgiven him and his parents.

3. Take the Holy Qur’an and hold it on your head and recite:
O Allah: for the sake of this (Holy) Qur’an, and for the sake of that person through whom You sent it, and for the sake of those believers who have been praised therein, and in the name of Your obligation to them, no one is aware of Your obligation more than You.
Then recite the below 10 times each:
For Your sake, O Allah, (10 times)
for the sake of Muhammad, (10 times)
for the sake of `Ali,
for the sake of Fatimah,
for the sake of Hasan,
for the sake of Husayn,
for the sake of `Ali ibn Husayn,
for the sake of Muhammad ibn `Ali,
for the sake of Ja`far ibn Muhammad,
for the sake of Musa ibn Jafar,
for the sake of `Ali ibn Musa,
for the sake of Muhammad ibn `Ali,
for the sake of `Ali ibn Muhammad,
for the sake of Hasan ibn `Ali,
for the sake of al-Hujjah (Imam al-Mahdi)

One should then pray to Almighty Allah to fulfill one’s desires.

4.Recite Ziyarat al- Imam Hussain (A.S.). According to Hadith, during Laylatul Qadr an angel proclaims from the Arsh (throne) on the Seventh sky that Allah has forgiven who have visited the grave of Imam Hussain (as).

5. Pray one hundred Rakats.

6. Dua Jawshan al Kabeer, Dua Makarem al akhlaq and Dua Abu Hamza thamali.

And it is said that the day of Qadr is like it’s night, it is recommended that one occupies his/her day with prayers, recitation of supplications and verses from the Quran.

May Allah (swt) answer your du’as and accept your acts of worship.

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