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Role and Problems of Emigrants

Islam, the universal religion, was meant to be a Mercy for all mankind in all ages, providing the spiritual and moral basis and responding to all issues of life in all generations. It called for rational and scientific thinking to address the issues of each stage which means that every generation has to study the various cultural, social, political and security aspects of his age to address the challenges that face the ideology of Islam, as well as its principles, right strategy rules, laws and methods, so that one could study the various means of confrontation to these challenges, right strategy to address them.

In light of this, we meet with the new generation whether in its active movement or its withdrawal from the confrontational front, racial and sectarian decisions, its cultural and political diversities and its security situation… This generation ought to study thoroughly its position from the various polarizing international axis, or in the other diverging sphere in the life of nations that might be contradictory to the Islamic beliefs.

There should be a major plan for a leading role that converges allthe various Islamic resources in a complementary process…

We should concentrate our thinking on the various Islamic aspects: The spiritual that elevates the nation’s united spirit anddraws it near to Allah and make it more open on life and morecommitted to our responsibilities, so that the nation will act in aunified way, with each individual sacrificing for the society… The cultural aspect that builds the mind which is the intellectual base to produce a creative and positive thinking that would enrich and strengthen life, and make the Muslims more aware and morecapable of holding their responsibilities in supporting the right, freedom and the good…

The social aspect that emphasizes the integration of all its resources in serving its vital causes…It is natural that this generation should assume its leading rolein the internal status of the Islamic front with its diverging society whether on the sectarian, racial, national or political levels to tryto establish an Islamic unity based on trying to meet on pointsof intersection… Such an endeavor would start by knowingone another to reach a mutual understanding and cement theagreement on the points they agree upon. A spiritual and culturalclimate wound then be produced; one that would turn into a stateof dialogue that is based on rational subjectivity which recognizes the other without any emotional reaction or ill temperament. The dialogue will be based on using the best words and resorting to the best means, for the kind and good words would turn an enemy into a friend or at least create an atmosphere of mutual understanding.

Such a commitment to solving the internal problems and challenges should drive the generation, and especially its leading vanguard, to study the points of weakness and those of strength inan effort to benefit from the points of strength and turn the points of weakness into points of strength. It is the internal gaps that enablethe counter-elements to play a role in destroying all what the nation has built.

We need open minded, conscious and responsible leaders whosurpass the traditional way of looking at things from a narrowangle, and adopt that methods that open up on the entire world inits relations with the Islamic reality and the challenges it presents.

We call upon the new Islamic generation to live its age…

We want them to understand the mentality, methods and aspirations of their time, so that they would talk to others in a wise way.

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