Prophet Muhammad’s sermon in welcoming the month of Ramadan

In a sermon at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family) provides us guidance on the lessons that we grasp from fasting. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says:

While fasting, remember the hunger and thirst of tomorrow on the Day of Judgment. Give alms to the poor and the needy, pay respect to you elders, have pity on those younger than you, be kind towards your relatives and kinsmen, guard your tongues against unworthy words and guard your eyes from such scenes that are forbidden and your ears from such sounds that should not be heard by you, and be kind to orphans. So that if your children become orphans, they also may be treated with kindness. Do invoke that Allah may forgive your sins.Raise your hands in supplication when you pray, as it is the best time for asking for His mercy. When we invoke at such times being the best of times, we are answered by Him – when we invoke while in pure devotion, Allah would answer us – when we call Him, He responds; and when we ask for anything, it is accepted by Him. O’ people! Your souls are tied to your deeds untie them by asking for forgiveness. 

Your backs are heavy with loads, so make them light by prolonging your sajdah’s (prostrations). And know that Allah has sworn by His Dignity that He would not punish those who pray and those who make sajdah (prostration). And He would not overawe them with Fire on the day when people rise to the Lord of the Universe. O’ people! Whoever feeds a fasting believer during this month, it is as if he has freed a slave. And his past sins are forgiven

O’ people! Anybody who may cultivate good manners in this month will walk over the “Sirat” bridge on the Day of Judgment […]. Anybody who does not do anything wrong to others in this month, Allah will keep him safe from His wrath on the Day of Judgment. Anybody who respects and treats an orphan with kindness in this month, Allah shall look at him with kindness on the Day of Judgment. Anybody who treats well his kinsmen, in this month, Allah will bestow His mercy on him on the Day of Judgment. Whoever offers recommended prayers in this month, Allah will free him from Hell. Whosoever offers one (daily) prayer in this month, for him the Angels will write the rewards of seventy prayers. Whosoever recites repeatedly “Salaat-wsalaam” (peace be) on me, Allah will keep the scales of his good deeds heavy, when in the Day of Judgment the scales of others will be tending towards lightness. Whosoever recites in this month only one ‘ayat’ (a verse of the Holy Quran), he will be rewarded in a manner as if he had recited the full Quran in the other months.

O’ People! The Gates of Paradise remain open in this month. Do invoke that the gates may not be closed before you while the Gates of Hell are closed. Do invoke that these gates may never be opened.

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