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Sheikh Youssef Nabha: Allah wants us to remove our bad habits in the month of Ramadan.

On Friday 2nd June 2017, His Eminence Sheikh Youssef Nabha delivered the two Friday sermons from Masjid Arrahman in Sydney. In the first sermon, Sheikh Nabha addressed worshippers about the commitment of training ourselves in the month of Ramadan to overcome all the bad habits that we may hold. In particular, Sheikh Nabha stressed on two matters, that concern our community, the issue of smoking and drugs. On the subject of the drugs, Sheikh Nabha reminded the worshippers, since we are witnessing some of our own people selling drugs to their fellow brothers, that dealing and consuming drugs is forbidden in Islam because its harm is greater than its benefit.  And that drugs are also  prohibited by law.  He also strssed on the fact that people who are dealing drugs or consuming it are destroying their family. On the subject of  smoking, Sheikh Nabha  stressed on the fact that it has been agreed upon by medical doctors that smoking causes severe health problems and thus comes the edict of the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadhlullah (r.a) that deems smoking, whether it is a cigarette, pipe, argileh etc, forbidden.  Sheikh Nabha also clarified the edict of Sayyed Fadhlullah (r.a) in which he has deemed that smoke does not break one’s fasting, saying that people may think that it is then permissible to smoke in the month of Ramadan, but this is not true, because the late Sayyed Fadhullah has deemed smoking, in all its forms, forbidden. 



In the second sermon, Sheikh Nabha delivered the following:

On the 3rd of June 1989, Imam Khomeini (ra), the founder of Islamic revolution in Iran, and its supreme leader passed away. This Imam transformed Iran from a dictatorship Shahanshahi Kingdom into the Islamic Republic grasping the strength and immunity from its citizens who were during the years of the revolution sacrificing, struggling and exercising patience to endure all the pains and the crisis made by the then Shah and made by the global oppressors (Istikbar) and the Big Satan in the imposed war against their country from Saddam and in the imposed economic and financial embargo in order to overthrow the Islamic government and fail it.

After thirty-eight years from the establishment of the Republic system, Iran confirms its Islamic identity, its sovereignty, and its support to the Palestinian cause which has been relinquished by the majority of Arabs and Muslims who started seeking to find initiatives to minimize this burden and to find solutions in order to sell Palestine to the Israeli occupier for a very cheap price.

In Australia, which witnesses a meeting for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people at Uluru to gain recognition in the Australian constitution as the indigenous people of Australia,and hence to obtain further political rights in the Parliamentary representation to achieve a historical constitutional convention among all the components of the Australian people – the immigrants and the indigenous people who were oppressed by the first settlers who were killing them, making them homeless and degenerating their freedom and human rights.

In this vein, the Australian politicians – the Government and the Opposition –should lead the initiative to achieve a historical and courageous treaty to start a new chapter covering all the past, its pains, its sorrows and evil acts, and opening the door for agreement, reconciliation, forgiveness and harmony which it is the title for building a constituent society and a civilised prosperous country.

Lebanon, which faces a status of insecurity despite all the plans to control the situation, is still suffering from its governing political class that have dreams of keeping their positions for eternity and heiring them to their children and grandchildren, and thus everyone of those politicians is working to pass the electoral law that secures his interests, his power and continuity in his position without taking into consideration the interest of citizens, the respect of their votes and the right to reach their representatives.

The problem of Lebanon cannot be resolved without eliminating its sectarian system which is manipulated by those politicians who are not feeling the pains of the citizens, and hence the citizens are despaired from the political calls for reform, change, development, and thinking because their country is governed by a gang operating its whole system.

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