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The Battle of Badr

The Battle of Badr, which is occurred on 17 Ramadan 2 AH (≈13 March 624), is the first battle between the Muslims and the pagans.The Muslims, who were in the city of Medina having left Mecca after suffering from all kinds of torture and persecution, were eager to fight the pagans. And this was the battle, which they were able to win despite that they were few in number and very ill equipped.

Allah bestowed the blessings of victory on the Muslims; by the panic, He filled the hearts of the pagans with, and by the Angels that were sent to help the Muslims.

The Quran has dedicated many verses to talk about this battle focusing on the points of weakness the Muslims exhibited.

For He, the Most Exalted, wants the Muslims to know that is not unnatural to feel weak while confronting a major threat, but the nation ought to change its weak points to strong ones.

The battle started when the pagans deployed their troops after the Muslims attacked a Quraishi trade convoy, which was en route from Syria to Mecca, to show that the Muslims were controlling the strategic road of Quraish’s trade and that they have become a strong force.

The convoy was able to flee into another road. Yet the pagans decided to attack Medina and they marched until they reached a place called Badr.

Meanwhile, the Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was trying to encourage the Muslims to fight. But fighting Quraish was not a simple matter and some of the Muslims were afraid and told him that this is a very strong army. But others from the Ansar (Muslims of Medina) said: “We will not tell you as Musa’s people told him: you go and fight along with your Lord, we are waiting for you. We say: you go with your Lord to fight and we will go with you”.

Thus, the Messenger went to fight with but a few men who were neither well equipped nor well armed. As Allah promised the believers and told His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) according to the Quranic verses, the then small group of believers do not have enough military equipment but aided by Allah defeated a large and well-equipped group attacked Muslims.

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