Introducing Islam

How to become a Muslim?

The road for every non-Islam to be a Muslim is simple because the basic creed in Islam is the belief in Allah, His Messenger Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and consequently the holy Book, Quran, and the Day of Judgment. The belief in Allah means worshipping Him because He is our creator and the creator of this universe. The belief in Prophet Muhammad means believing that he is the final Prophet and Messenger and thus Allah revealed to him the holy Book, Quran. The belief in the Day of Judgment means that the deeds committed in life will receive a divine verdict in the Hereafter whether a reward by gaining the Paradise or a punishment by fire in the Hell.

Notably, Islam calls every Muslim to acknowledge and respect all the Messengers and Prophets preceded Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Them). In addition, the belief of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) means following his authentic Hadith which do not contradict with the verses of the holy Book, Quran.

The belief in Islam stipulates two things. Firstly, performing the worshipping of Allah through the daily prayers, fasting the holy month of Ramadan and performing Hajj at least once in a lifetime if possible. Although there are other religious duties such as Zakat (alms giving) for poor people and Khums (one-fifth of the net profits), for example, the Muslim is not entitled to pay this tax if he/she is not able financially. As Allah is Compassionate and Merciful, all practical forms of worship have certain verdicts (in Fiqh – jurisprudence) and occasionally the believer is not entitled to perform some religious duties.

Secondly, the belief in Islam means promoting the self through purifying it. This process requires grasping the essence of the holy verses from Quran and authentic Hadith of Prophet Muhammad and his infallible’ Imams in order to do the good deeds, to behave morally in the society and ultimately to be a good and clear character.

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