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Fasting (‘Sawm’ in Arabic) means refraining from eating, drinking and sexual intercourse from dawn to sunset. There are two types of fasting: compulsory fasting which is one of the pillars in Islam. Thus, every Muslim should fast the holy month of Ramadan if he/she does not have health issue contradict with fasting, and finally the recommended fasting during a number of Islamic days.

Fasting has a core meaning because it is a call for the believer to feel the pain of poor people who are suffering hunger and to learn how to exercise patience.

During the fasting of Ramadan, Muslims read the holy Book, Quran, and pray during its nights, particularly in the last ten days of this holy month (from 19th of Ramadan) because there is laylat Al-Qadr (‘the night of destiny’) which is full of heavenly blesses and mercy. Thus, the believers spend these nights reciting Quran and supplications to receive the divine mercy and reward in the Hereafter.

Notably, there are rules of fasting in the jurisprudence.

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